Table Partitioning: Adding\Removing partitions using SPLIT, MERGE In this tip we’ll see one of the advantage of partitioning a very large table, which is the ability to add or remove partitions instantaneously to help you with sliding window scenarios.

see url Lets first create partition function and partition scheme. Here i m using monthly partition scheme.

source site CREATE PARTITION FUNCTION [PF_MONTHLY](date) AS RANGE LEFT FOR VALUES ('2016-01-31', '2016-02-29', N'2016-03-31', N'2016-04-30', N'2016-05-31') CREATE PARTITION SCHEME [PS_MONTHLY] AS PARTITION [PF_MONTHLY] ALL TO ([XYZ_FILE_GROUP])

Now lets add new partition for next month using partition split.


ALTER PARTITION FUNCTION pf_function() SPLIT RANGE ('2016-06-30')