Understanding Partition(Fact) Processing in SSAS Multidimensional

source In Analysis Services, when we first DEPLOY a database it contains only objects but not data. When we PROCESS a database, it directs the server to recursively process those objects that store data in the model, such as dimensions(see Understanding Dimension Processing in SSAS


MDX Solutions: SORTING using ORDER and TOPCOUNT functions

As with most applications there are many different ways to complete a task and sorting in MDX is no exception. Furthermore, Analysis Services utilization of hierarchies further complicates the method and implementation of sorting routines. SSAS actually has several potential layers

Optimizing Dimension Processing in SSAS Multidimensional

The performance goal of dimension processing is to refresh dimension data in an efficient manner that does not negatively impact the query performance of dependent partitions. The following techniques for accomplishing this goal are discussed in this section: Reducing attribute