SSIS Interview Questions (Data Flow Transformations)

Questions for Lookup transformation Q1) How matching happens inside the lookup transformation? Lookup transformation performs an equi-join between input data and lookup dataset. By default unmatched row is considered as an error however we can configure lookup to redirect such

MDX Calculations Part 3 – Subcube Vectors, Solve Order, Block vs Cell By Cell Computation

Understanding Block vs Cell By Cell Computation The key idea behind subspace computation is best introduced by contrasting it with a cell-by-cell evaluation of a calculation. (This is also known as a naïve calculation.) Consider a trivial calculation RollingSum that sums

Optimizing Bitmap Indexes during Partition Processing in SSAS Multidimensional

When MDX query is issued on SSAS Server it goes through Formula Engine which request data from Storage Engine, and it either retrieves data either from cache or aggregations or from partition/fact data files (see this article for Understanding MDX